A few little rules to follow...

Can we freely enter the Fantasia-X events?
The Fantasia-X events are reserved to people over 21.
Some events need You to be member

Some small courtesies on site

Hygiene is really important to us !
Before and after your activities, enjoy a visit to the shower.
Respect, kindness and gentleness are very appreciated at any time.
Exception made to tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes) and our alcohols
It is of course forbidden to consume any illegal substance either before or during the evenings, orgies, gangbang...
For safety and hygiene access to alcoves is ONLY allowed when you are scantily clad
It is also asked not to go into the alcoves with glasses, bottles, food and other...

In the club we offer...

Soft drinks and alcohols 'à discrétion'
It is allowed to smoke in the equipped smoking lounge
One or more shower-places
Careful musical atmosphere
A reknowned and varied buffet
Cozy alcoves where you can reach extreme ecstasy

So... tempted ?

In this case, contact us quickly !

Book one day in your schedule
Ask the questions that interest you